Launch on the Neunerköpfle

Some say it's a total mess, yet others call it a sort of Jurassic Park for bag pilots.
So for now this is the only photo I have of this site. I took it when I sold the glider
on the photo a couple years ago and placed it as a dedication to the good old hang gliding
days at this site.
But as they say: shit happens!! So it happened to me and I fell prey to the paragliding
drag. The photos below show the resulting mess...

Gondola and valley view.
The LZ is next to the two dirt strips by the road.

Tom at launch and being dragged down mercylessy to the church.
(launch photos by Holger)

Holger swinging in to the LZ.

GPS: N 47°29.03', E 10°32.49'
Webcam: Gondola Station

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